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March 08
Pegboard Organization Tips from the Peg Board Experts

When it comes to pegboard organization, advice from the peg board experts at USA Peghooks can help you get your space organized like never before.

Peg Board Organization Tips

1.    ​​  Garage cabinet systems are a great way to organize and store your possessions. From sports equipment storage to holiday decorations, cabinet systems and storage racks can help you stay organized.

2.      Pegboard shelves have a multitude of uses. But not every person is satisfied to purchase a Lowes pegboard for their home organization project. A custom pegboard organizer is better suited for specialized projects, like craft room organizations. Don’t be afraid to try out a custom pegboard and pegboard hooks kit to make your space match your organization vision.

3.      Pegboard organization ideas can vary from a standard pegboard wall to a custom pegboard room divider project. Pegboard ideas and projects can help you express your creativity while getting organized.

4.      DIY home organizing ideas should be grouped according to how you use the items being organized. Group your crafting items together, your tools together, and the items you use most often together, for example.

5.      DIY tool organization projects should ensure that heavier tools are secured with peghooks strong enough to safely hold the weight of your tools. You can use pegboard storage bins or shelves to store bulkier items.

6.      An organized home helps you feel more relaxed and in control of your surroundings. You can improve your peace of mind and attitude simply by organizing your living space.

7.      To get an organized house, it’s important to start with one area at a time. You can choose the most used living spaces first, or begin in a storage area like the attic, basement, or garage. Stay with one area until you have it organized to your satisfaction.

8.      You can get your house organized even if you don’t have the time, patience, or skills necessary to begin an organization project. You can find instructions, tips, and organizational products online, or opt to hire a concierge or assistant to do the organizing for you.

9.      To get started, you don’t have to be an expert at home organization. DIY organization projects can be a work in progress that evolves as you learn new tips, techniques, and tricks for organizing your home. Don’t wait until you’re an expert organizer to get started! You can start organizing your house today.

10.  Craft spaces are an especially vital area of the home to organize. With so many crafting items commonly collected, a crafting area can quickly become cluttered and chaotic. Special craft room organizers and craft room pegboard kits can help you tame this disorganized space more easily.

11.  Organize your room to fit your unique needs by planning out your pegboard organization before you start. This will allow you to order extra peghooks or storage bins before you get started.

If you need help with your custom pegboard organization project, our pegboard and pegboard hook supplies can supply you with everything you need to get started with your home organization.​ 

October 23
​5 Affordable ways to Organize Your Garage

Organizing your garage has never been easier, or more affordable. If your garage has you pulling your hair out every time you go looking for a tool, then read on. Listed below are 10 easy to install and affordable garage organizing solutions that will have you on the road to a neat and tidy garage space in no time.

#1. Pegboards

Pegboards are perforated boards, which you can install hooks or baskets to hold tool, and parts. Pegboards offer a myriad of options when it comes to organization. Small boards work for tight spaces such as one-car garages and even inside your home, while large boards can be joined together to cover an entire wall if desired. With pegboards the options are truly endless.

When choosing a pegboard for your garage space, look for a high quality material. Organizing your garage is an investment in time and money, so it’s best to make sure that you’re using durable, made in America products. You can be sure that pegboards from are made of the highest quality poly materials available and every pegboard and pegboard hook and accessory is made right here, in America. Pegboards from  will never need painting and will never warp like cheap particleboard.

#2. Hang Your Garden Tools

If you keep your garden tools in a box or on the side of the house like a lot of people, you’ve inevitably experienced the disappointment of a damaged or rusted tool. The clutter can make finding a tool a difficult task, or worse leaving them outside makes them vulnerable to theft! Keep your garden tools safe and organized by hanging them on a sturdy pegboard. Pegboards from and accessories such as Flex Lock J and L style peg hooks are durable enough to hold even the heaviest garden tool.

#3. Metal Hooks

Inexpensive metal hooks can be screwed directly into the drywall or from ceiling beams. Hang loose cords, large tools, brooms or mops easily with affordable and easy to install metal hooks.

#4. Garbage Cans

Plastic garbage cans with lids can be purchased at most home improvement stores, and provide a smart way to keep like things together such as camping gear, snowboard or ski accessories, and toys. By keeping smaller and odd shaped items together in a covered trashcan they’re easily accessible and out of the way. So you can be sure that they won’t get lost or end up on the floor. Plus most new plastic garbage cans roll which makes it easy to load and unload them into your truck or van when camping or going to the beach. Just make sure you label them so they don’t get confused with the household waste and get thrown out on trash day!

#5. Reclaimed Kitchen Cabinets

Does your town or city have a builder’s surplus store? If so, you may find some amazing deals on overstocked or reclaimed kitchen cabinets. These can be installed anywhere in your garage for a safe and secure way to keep dangerous household chemicals and cleaners out of the way of children. Simply attached them to the garage wall and install handles with safety locks. Keep little hands and curious minds safe and free from harmful cleaners, paints and chemicals. Plus the cabinets will keep your garage looking mess free. It’s a win-win for everyone!

For more storage ideas visit our website. is a leading supplier of high-quality, durable American made pegboards and pegboard accessories.​ 

October 18
10 Great Ideas for Pegboards

​If you’ve been looking for a way to organize your garage, pegboards are a great place to start. But why stop at the rollup garage door when you can bring them in the front door? Pegboards are useful organizing tools throughout the home. Sturdy, wear resistant and always made in the USA, pegboards and pegboard hooks from are available in white or black, made of a heavy duty poly plastic and are easy to clean and never need painting. They come ready to mount and with every combination of peg hooks imaginable, perfect for taking on that messy craft room or disorganized kitchen.


So take a look at some of the incredible ways you can organize your life using versatile and durable pegboards from Pegboard kits come in sizes from 24” x 48” to 24” x 96” and come complete with ready made accessory kits containing J & L style locking peg hooks, box locking pegs, spring pegs, oval bins, mounting kits, and jumbo pegs. Accessory assortment depends on the kit selected, not all accessories are included in all kits. Should you need more accessories offers a complete selection of pre-packaged accessory kits and stand alone pieces. Accessory kit combinations can include 43 assorted pieces, bins of 10 to 20 pieces, preassembled sets of 10 bins & 80 peg hooks, and peg kits depending on the type of accessory kit selected.


Let’s take a look at some of the innovative and creative ways you can utilize pegboards throughout your home. Ready, set, organize!

 Small Spaces

For apartments and small spaces a 24”x24” pegboard can be a great place to store home office products such as scissors, rulers and notepads (pegboards from are poly plastic and not magnetic as shown), use colorful baskets in cherry red or lemon yellow to add some color and a place to keep pens, pencils, markers, and small items out of the way.

Kitchen Storage

Put pots and pans on display and bring them out of the cupboards to free up some serious storage. J Style Flex Lock Peg hooks are perfect for hanging kitchen tools. The sturdy poly plastic hooks are made in the USA and come in white or black to match your kitchen décor.



While we’re on the subject of kitchen storage, how about turning coffee mugs into crafty pots for an indoor herb garden. Use a authentic pegboard from and matching J Style Flex Lock Peg hooks to securely attach coffee mugs with a bit of soil and some fresh herbs, water regularly and voila your own instant indoor herb garden.

Craft Room

If you’re like millions of Americans you have a craft room that’s a disorganized mess. With American made pegboards from you can quickly and easily organize your crafts, accessories and tools. Use Flex Lock plastic pegboard hooks to secure tools like pliers, clippers, hole punches and other hard to organize small tools. J Style Flex Lock Peg Hooks are perfect for hanging threading, and beading. Flex Lock L Style hooks are the perfect choice for hanging glue guns and colorful cherry red or lemon yellow storage bins will contain all the small accessories you can imagine.

Display Board

Want a cool way to display your hobby collection? Consider using a pegboard as a modern and stylish way to display your collection of vintage tools, cooking utensils, writing instruments and more.


Pegboards are perfect for many retail applications, from bead stores to jewelry stores, hair accessories and even kitchen appliance stores. Pegboards from will give you the easy to maintain retail design that will keep your customers engaged and allow you to keep on eye on your merchandise. (Dog not included with pegboard orders)


Guest Cards

Getting married or hosting an event? Use authentic poly plastic pegboards from, wooden clothespins, paint and twine to make a fun interactive way for guests to leave a personal message. Paint the wooden clothespins with paint that’s reflective of the event theme, attach the clothespins to the pegboard with twine and clip colorful sheets of paper, supply pens and watch the magic happen.


Sewing Storage

Tired of trying to untangle jumbles of thread? Looking for a clever way to keep spools out of the way? Try L Style Flex Hooks and’s American made pegboards. Pegboards from come ready to hang and you can select from an assortment of sizes and combinations.


pegboards for knitters.png
Knitting Storage

Organize your knitting supplies for easy access. Pegboards from gives you a simple wall storage alternative to keeping boxes of yarn under your bed. You can even pretty up a plain pegboard by adding molding to create a frame. Who knew organizing could be so creative?



What do you do with your purses? How about your belts? Honestly, wouldn’t you like a better solution than keeping them in a pile on the floor? has just the answer! Pegboards in durable poly plastic will get you organized and looking like a million bucks. L Style Flex hooks hold belts, ties and scarves with ease, while the J Style Flex hooks are ideal for holding purses. Mount a pegboard to the back of the closet door to maximize space.


All pegboards and pegboard accessories are made in the USA and ship FREE to the lower 48 states. Order your pegboard and accessories from today! 

October 04
Organize Your Garage With Peghooks from

Face it; your car hasn’t seen the inside of your garage since 2005. They know you by name at the hardware store because every time you need a screwdriver you would rather buy one than try to find the ones you own. You think you own a bicycle but can’t find it under the mess of tools, brooms and power tools. It’s time for a Peg Board Kit from  If your garage storage looks like an episode of ‘Storage Wars’ you need a Peg Board Kit from If you’ve put off home repairs because you can’t find your tools, you definitely need a Peg Board Kit from sells high-quality, durable, scratch and wear resistant plastic pegboards for garage organizing, tool storage and wall storage. And best of all they’ll ship you your authentic pegboard and pegboard accessories for FREE!** Choose a ready to mount pegboard kit from size 24” x 24” to 24” x 96” complete with J style locking peg hooks, L style locking peg hooks, box locking pegs for pliers, spring pegs for screwdrivers, jumbo pegs for drills and oval bins for drill bits and other small hardware. All pegboards are available in white or black and made in the USA.

The highly durable pegboards never need painting are easy to clean and ready to use straight out of the box. makes organizing your garage a breeze. The ideas and designs for your pegboard are virtually endless. Plus can supply with all the extra accessories you need. From prepackaged kits of 40 to 80 piece assortments you’ll be able to find a way to store every tool. flex-lock poly plastic pegboard hooks allow you to maximize your space by holding more in less space. Unlike metal hooks that need to attach to three pegs, the Flex-Lock Tuff plastic pegboard hooks only need one! That means you’ll get more from your pegboard.

Need additional hooks? No problem. mixed assortment kit of Flex Lock peg hooks comes with J Style and L Style pegboard hooks from 25 pieces each to 50 pieces each.  You can also buy single style L or J peg hooks separately depending on your needs. For odd shaped tools offers the innovative box style Flex Lock peg hook. Box style Flex Lock peg hooks are can be mounted vertically or horizontally and the unique grip action holds oversize or odd shaped tools securely for easy organization.  

Tools with long necks like screwdrivers have hung unsecured for too long. The Flex-Lock Plastic Pegboard Spring Pegs is a better alternative to traditional metal brackets, which can leave tools loose. The grip action of the Flex-Lock Spring hold tools straight and secure no matter how big or small. The Spring Peg is an ideal choice for screwdrivers, drill bits, punches or anything else with an elongated neck.

Even brooms will clean up with! For brooms, shovels, heavy drills, power tools and other oversize or weighty equipment use the jumbo style Flex-Lock peg hook. The jumbo style peg hook fits into any pegboard for secure and stable storage.

Do you have an authentic pegboard? Flex Lock pegboard hooks may not fit pegboards sold at home repair retailers. Be sure you have an authentic, made in the USA, ¼” pegboard from before buying Flex Lock pegboard hooks.

For more information regarding these products please contact a friendly representative at today!

**Shipping is free to the lower 48 USA states 24 hours after payment. 

October 04
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