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Pegboard Panels, Pegboard Hooks, Peg Hook Kits for Garage Organization

Pegboard Accessories, plastic pegboard panels, pegboard hooks, and peg hook kits.

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How to Install Pegboards
There are two styles of pegboard available to you today!

Style 1  is just a flat board with peg holes on 1 inch centers. This type of pegboard requires mounting furring strips to the wall prior to mounting the pegboard. This is to space the pegboard from the wall and provide clearance for the peg hooks to work properly.
Keep pegboard from sagging in middle.Hang pegboard with furring strips 
 How to put up Pegboard   
Style 1 requires extra tools, furring strips, cutting, and more time to install peg board... lets move on to a better mouse trap with Style 2 

Style 2  has ribs on the back of the pegboard and eliminates the need for furring strips to space the peg board from the wall and makes mounting peg board easy.
This style saves you time, money, and mounts right out of the box. 
Pegboard with mounting ribs and hardware from WallPeg.
Time to Get Started
Position the board where you want to mount it...eyeball or measure to find
your desired starting point.
Organize with pegboard easy and fun!
Next...Screw in one top corner screw.
Vertical wall storage starts with Pegboard.

When screw is wrist tight...use a level or measure... screw the other corner down.
How to install pegboard the easy way!
Screw in the remaining screws and you are done! 
  • That's it, mounts in minutes and lasts a lifetime!
  • The ribs support the entire  pegboard making it stronger than other pegboards.
  • Plus all the holes are usable ... not blocked by furring strips.

Now the fun begins using our great pegboard accessories to complete your project.
Pegboard accessories and EZ Mount pegboard make organizing fun!
The same steps apply for all our pegboard sizes.
EZ Mount pegboard strip and track
Using different size peg board panels... you can organize the smallest closet space... or cover an entire wall in your garage! 

Below are examples using our quality pegboard panels and pegboard mounting instructions.
       Lawn and garden tool organizer / storage.
 Peg strips make a great tool track for lawn and garden tools. (Above)... The locking peg hooks provide a safe support for all those heavy tools.

Customer (Below)...shows the ability of our locking peg hooks to hold all his various tools.
          Garage storage and tool board organization

With our locking peg hooks, pegboard panels, and pegboard can organize tools, crafts, and hobby boards creating vertical storage to meet your needs.
Garage workbench tool organizer by WallPeg     Pegboard rack is great for out-door use and water resistant.
Great pegboard for closet organizer       Kitchen pegboard organizer easy to use
 Because all our peg boards are designed with 1/4" peg holes on 1" can use
 our pegboard hardware and any old pegs or hardware you may have.
All standard 1/4" peg hooks, bins, shelfs, cup holders, etc. will fit our pegboard.
Pegboards available in black or white colors     Peg board panels available in user friendly sizes.
  • Pegboard panels available in different sizes with choice of black or white.
  • Pegboards are sold in handy 2 pack or larger 12 pack case. 
  • Organize a small area or an entire garage wall.
  • Pegboard never needs painting and has scratch proof surface.
  • Panels can be cut for fit around items or electric outlets.
  • Water resistant..perfect for mud rooms or outdoor uses. 
                     Gargae pegboard storage and organizer is easy to install
  For garage storage our 24 x 24 inch peg board is the perfect modular size.
 Use several boards to cover a large area in no time and end up with the perfect job.
 Pegboards will not show scratches, never need painting, and are easy to clean.
 The EZ Mount pegboard is so easy to install and looks good for years to come.
 This is one fun project that is easy to do and will impress all your friends.
  Hanging Pegboard in Garage made easy with WallPeg.